Intellix develops Diagnostics System for Stomach and Digestive Channel Diseases

Intellix has as an experiment into the health care sector developed a basic diagnostic system for stomach and digestive channel diseases. The system makes the main diagnosis into nine different disease groups. The system is meant as a support system for General Practitioners, who does not have detailed knowledge about stomach diseases present. The system is not yet validated by the General Practitioners league, but we expect that systems like this will be a normal tool for General Practitioners in the near future.

Intellix develops Social Visitation System for Danish Municipalities

Intellix has developed a visitation system for the local Danish governments. The system can classify social clients into five different match groups, which then again determines the range of help and support for the client. The problem was (and is), that the local social workers have difficulties doing the classification in a unifom manner both within one local government and between local governments. By using the system as decision support, the social workers now can make the correct and uniform classification. The system was built by interviewing four experienced social workers from the local government of Karlebo, Denmark.

Intellix enters cooperation with Icelandic Health Care Service Provider IceMedix

Intellix concluded today an agreement within the health care area with the Icelandic Corporation IceMedix ehf, Reykjavik. IceMedix will develop a medical bioinformatics diagnostic tool that will utilize intuitive software to create intelligent medical checklists on a biomedical software platform that allows best practices to be captured, distributed and automated. The biomedical platform will utilize Intellix' award winning software - The Intellix Designer for capturing and automating existing knowledge and Intellix' datamining software - The Intellix Analyser for finding new knowledge in vast amount of patient data.

Intellix choosen for major Health Care project

The SIMEHealth Project – A Internet based Health Profile and Early Warning Service, which Intellix was chosen to participate in, start Clinical tests in September.

People will, through a tiny hand held device be able to test themselves and connected online to a server, receive continous information about their health and early warning for diseases. In a blood sample of 50 microliter is it possible to verify a large number of specific health issues and diseases.

Jyske Bank launches second Intellix-based solution

September 21, 2006

Today Jyske Bank launched their second Intellix-based Expertise Automation solution. This solution is an advanced platform for selling complex financial instruments and derivatives to small and medium sized business clients. The solution is a major part of Jyske Banks 400 million DKK (approx 55M euro) revamp of their branches and product offerings.

Intellix Solutions to provide services to the Travel Industry

Intellix Solutions to provide services to the Travel IndustryIntellix subsidiary Intellix Solutions begins providing services to the Travel Industry. An intelligent online tool to help customers find the perfect destination and hotel will be available to major travel agencies. The system will enable personal travel counselling on the internet based on experienced travel agents expertise.

Intellix in Iceland

December, 2005

Earlier this month Intellix began operations in Iceland. A wholly-owned subsidiary Intellix ehf. has been founded and the first projects will be completed by Q1 2006. Intellix ehf. focuses on strong Icelandic values such as Entrepreneurship and Innovation and will in the beginning be targeting the Financial Services Industry as well as the Medical/Pharmaceutical sectors.