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Intellix Denmark
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Phone: +45 3314 8100 

Intellix Iceland
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Phone: +354 894 9120



Intellix has developed a partnership program that lets other companies work with us to achieve common goals. As an Intellix partner, you will receive access to market-leading specialists in the field of artificial intelligence technology, and professionals who are experts in advice software and decision support software. We share resources, competence, and experience with our partners, and in return gain access to our partner's specialist industry knowledge and market experience.

The benefits of partnership include greater revenues for both partners, the potential to expand markets for each partner's goods and services, and new ways to improve customer service and win greater market share.

Intellix offers partnerships in the following four categories:

  • Consulting Partnership – partnership with companies active in the area of knowledge management and consulting.
  • System Integration Partnership – partnership with companies who integrate Intellix solutions as part of larger enterprise solutions.
  • Reseller Partnership – partnership with companies who resell Intellix software, solutions and consulting services.
  • OEM Technology Partnership – partnership with companies who implement Intellix technology in their software.

Please contact us for further information on our partner program.