By utilizing Intellix solutions, companies can achieve multiple short- and long-term benefits.

Increased competence

No matter how smart your employees are, the fact is, only few of them have the knowledge and competence to service the top accounts. And these few usually have limited accessibility, which limits sustainability and perspective of growth. Intellix solutions allow you to gather the knowledge of your experts and make it available throughout the organization, lifting the level of competence of all employees in your company.

Consistency and compliance

Different level of training and professional experience among employees can lead to situations when customers get advised differently and not in line with regulations and rules. By using Intellix solutions, it is ensured that customers with similar profiles obtain similar advice. Furthermore, it becomes possible to ensure that advice is provided in accordance with your company's policies. And by strong full documentation, in a legal context, you will be able to show your advice followed company best practice.

Optimized use of resources

Intellix solutions can help you free resources, and let you develop and expand your area of core competence. Self-service is a classic win-win situation, where the interests of both the customer and the company are best served. Your customers gain direct access to your best experience and knowledge. At the same time, you will be able to free resources and reduce costs. Intellix helps free your experts for more important work.

Faster growth

By exploiting the power of advanced knowledge models that are easy to create and maintain, Intellix lets business professionals make instant changes to your company's core knowledge. This minimises the time separating the input of knowledge from its utilisation, thereby improving your response time in a fast-changing market. As a result, Intellix solutions allow you to respond more quickly to your surroundings, and reduce your time to market.

Improved level of knowledge

When interacting with customers, your employees receive important information, which soften remains in their individual possession. And even when properly noted and filed, it may take additional efforts and time before others gain access and can benefit from it. Intellix lets you automatically add to your core competence the experience you gain from each interaction with a customer. In the long-term, this will lead to a significant increase in knowledge.


Intellix knowledge solutions allow an organisation's business experts to capture, maintain and distribute their key knowledge or expertise. Learn more about our technology.