Intellix knowledge solutions allow an organisation's business experts to capture, maintain and distribute their key knowledge or expertise. This knowledge can then be accessed throughout an organisation, and used to support decision-making as if the expert themselves were available.

Supporting employees in their decision-making and trouble-shooting is a key factor in improving operational excellence. It is however difficult in practice, and until recently has involved large, IT or consulting-driven projects. As a result, relatively few companies have implemented systems for anything except their core and mission-critical processes. Intellix solutions change that because they are cost-effective to apply, and the business expert is in control of the solution. Experts build knowledge solutions that reflect an organization's best practice within an area and 'replicate' their expertise. In doing so they relieve themselves of day-to-day questions to concentrate more on 'exception' situations or other areas.

To give an example – imagine an employee faced with a 'bottle-neck' situation in a production process. The employee consults the knowledge system first instead of calling the process expert. The employee is asked to describe key factors about the situation via interactive dialog. Data may also be automatically provided through integration to existing systems. The neural-network ensures that a minimum number of questions are asked to reach an answer. Similar to an expert, when enough input has been gathered, a solution is presented. If the situation is new a recommendation (and relative confidence level) will be presented. Exceptions can also be fed back automatically to the business expert who can update the solution in minutes.

The advice that is given will always reflect your company's policies, and will have the same quality as the advice offered by your company's best experts.


Decision support solutions

Decision support solutions assist your advisors in recommending customers suitable products. This is made possible by creating a 'helping consultant', which is an application that encapsulates the 'wisdom' of the leading experts in your company.

This way you can ensure that even the least experienced advisor in your company offers the customer the same high quality advice that would be offered by the most experienced advisor.

A typical decision support system poses a series of questions to the advisor (and the customer, who is often sitting beside the advisor). The answers to these questions reflect your company's best practice, and by following this controlled dialog, the system allows no important questions to be overlooked. The outcome of this process is the recommendation in line with your company's best practices and regulations.

If required, the decision support solution can be equipped with functionality which documents individual advisory process and explaining why you recommended a specific product or service for every customer. You will be able to show that your advice was given responsibly and in accordance with company or government policy.


Self-service solutions

A typical self-service solution supports your customers in making transactions without involving your employees. Intellix' solutions are, however, unique in a way that while we help you automate work processes, we also preserve the quality of interaction that your customer would receive from an expert employee.

Using a case from insurance business as an example, instead of asking customers whether they need liability insurance or all-risk insurance for their car, you ask them a little bit about themselves and their preferences. With this you can determine the type of insurance that best fits their needs while avoiding confusion on their side and improving overall customer experience.

Another advantage of Intellix' self-service solution is that it can be instantly updated, for example, to reflect changes in the regulation environment or by introduction of a new product. Unlike other solutions on the market or those that are custom made, Intellix does not require you to start a new IT project every time there is a need for change. Alternations can be done by appointed experts directly, and will become available to rest of the organization instantly.


Intellix knowledge solutions allow an organisation's business experts to capture, maintain and distribute their key knowledge or expertise. Learn more about solutions benefits and our technology.