Intellix' consulting, training and support are carried out by experts with unique technical and organizational capacities.


Intellix' Consulting Services help customers rapidly deploy Intellix solutions. Here are some of the steps you can go through when you decide on an Intellix solution.

  • Intellix Seminar
  • Proof-of-Concept Workshop
  • Project Definition
  • Requirements Definition, Design, Construction and Test
  • Implementation and Support


Intellix offers training courses in our software to help customers leverage their investments in our products and solutions.

There are mainly two different kinds of training in Intellix products: General Courses, which cover general training in the use of Intellix products, and Customised Courses, which cover courses that are individually designed for your comany's needs.


Intellix Technical Support provides comprehensive support functions for all Intellix products. This commitment to service covers both Intellix software and the unique Intellix solutions we provide.

Regardless of the level of support you need, our team of highly qualified specialists is dedicated to giving you first-rate service.


Intellix knowledge solutions allow an organisation's business experts to capture, maintain and distribute their key knowledge or expertise. Learn more about solutions benefits and our technology.