Invixo and Intellix announce Strategic Partnership

INVIXO Consulting Group and Intellix are excited to announce a strategic partnership with special focus on solutions for Business Process Automation (BPA), Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

INVIXO has proven to be a partner of choice for most of the biggest enterprises listed in Denmark, with projects dealing with implementation of BPA and Robotics software from SAP, Oracle and Microsoft.

Intellix is on the other hand bringing to this partnership more than 20 years of experience in developing and selling Artificial Intelligence solutions to a huge variety of enterprises in various industries and countries.

“INVIXO has amazing competencies in automating and extending business processes in a lean and agile way covering workflows consuming system and human interactions. Adding this explicit business knowledge to Intellix’ neural network-based expertise nodes – which represent the best experts accumulated knowledge in for example Financial advisory - is simply unique. Customers will be able to operationalize automated processes and in addition capture the tacit knowledge from experts – to retain the knowledge, test the knowledge, and to ensure better advisory”, says Per Schmidt, Intellix CEO.

Peter Kreiner-Sasady, Senior Partner at INVIXO: “When we first met the founder of Intellix, Christian Liisberg – a former head of AI research at Risø – Denmark’s National Research Center he explained the uniqueness of Intellix saying, that instead of describing it as AI – call it IA; Intelligence Automation. We understood immediately the huge potential of bringing INVIXO and Intellix to this partnership”.

Per Schmidt, CEO of Intellix adds: “Senior experts, in most functions across industries uses both the active knowledge as well as the passive knowledge when solving difficult and complex situations. The active knowledge is for most humans over the years transferred to passive knowledge – which we also call tacit knowledge. Experts, as example a doctor will intellectually be able to describe sudden actions with a patience referring to literature. But he/she will over the years gain practical experience – which together with repeatedly use of active knowledge will become tacit knowledge. And it is this exact part of the human intelligence which is so difficult to capture. Intellix AI solutions is second to none in this area, as it is able to capture this knowledge – together with the active and explicit knowledge”.

Intellix recently finished a project with Bankdata providing 1.5 million banking clients with advisory based on Intellix machine learning (AI) standard software. Link to article (in Danish) can be found here:

For further information please contact:

Per Schmidt, Intellix, mobile: +45 40 94 10 40, email:, or

Peter Kreiner-Sasady, INVIXO, mobile: +45 40 30 11 31, email:

About INVIXO: INVIXO is an international organization, dedicated to deliver quality services to multiple industries focusing on heavily regulated areas such as Finance, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Utilities and FMCG, by covering a wide range of services within Enterprise Resource Planning, Integration, Automation, Compliance, and Management Consulting. We are focused and devoted to creating, drive and grow the business of our clients through developing trust and accountability, offering open and honest communication, developing competent people, and achieving measurable results. Information about INVIXO can be found at

About Intellix: Founded in 1997, with head office in Copenhagen, Intellix specializes in expertise automation, i.e. the use of proprietary artificial intelligence to capture and distribute expert knowledge from large data sets and/or human expertise - tacit knowledge. The technology helps organizations turn their most vital asset – knowledge – into electronically manageable knowledge solutions for improved quality and consistency in decisions and advise.

Applications include investment-, debt- and pension advice for major banks, claims handling-, insurance sales- and health assessment for major Insurance companies, medical diagnosis & treatment systems and intelligent medical checklists, sales and trouble shooting in Telco's, process optimization and trouble shooting in chemical production and decision support and automation in the legal and public sector.

Intellix’ solutions are based on standard products that are easily integrated with existing company systems and databases. Information about Intellix can be found at


Intellix co-founding Intellix Checklists, Inc. with Drs. Pronovost and Winters at Johns Hopkins

Intellix Checklists, Inc. was established by the Danish software company Intellix in order to create and market “intelligent” medical checklists, initially for ICUs, to hospitals worldwide. 

Intellix is known for providing medium and large organizations with award-winning products based on proprietary artificial intelligence for capturing and distributing expertise for improved quality and consistency in decisions and advice. The company licensed from The Johns Hopkins University checklists developed by Dr. Peter Pronovost, Professor of Anesthesiology and Director of the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality at Johns Hopkins, and Dr. Bradford Winters, Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.  Drs. Pronovost and Winters are co-founders of Intellix Checklists, consultants to the company, and serve on its board of directors.  

Intellix Checklists will bring together Intellix' decision intelligence technologies with the knowledge developed at Johns Hopkins, with the goal of helping to improve patient health around the world.

Bankdata joins Jyske Bank and goes live with machine learning from Intellix to 1.5 million banking customers

Bankdata joins Jyske Bank in providing machine learning for 1.5 million customers

Bankdata is the leading Danish IT support organization that delivers IT solutions to 11 banks in Denmark, covering 1.5 million banking customers.

In January 2017, Bankdata purchased Intellix (AI) machine learning system to be able to easily capture and automate specialist banking expertise.

Documentation that Bankdata's 1.5 million customers are receiving consistent best practice advice is not only securing good customer service, it is also a necessity for legislation compliance.

Jyske Bank started using Intellix' machine learning system for its 1,500 banking advisors in 2002, and has been successful in doing so, consequently leading Bankdata to make a deal with Intellix.

Investment advisory is a complex system in which the advisor guides the customer on investment portfolios based on their financial situation, risk willingness and goals. 

To value how much risk the customer is willing to tolerate is one of the most complex and difficult tasks for an investment advisor. It’s not just about cold figures. Income, expenses and risk willingness is not black and white, and a banking advisor does not simply pose the question "how much are you willing to risk losing on a yearly basis" in order to attain sufficient risk profiling. It involves both the ability to take a loss as well as how the customer would feel when the market declines. An investment advisor may view this tentatively while another customer would see it as a buying opportunity. Using machine learning from Intellix makes it easier to weed these complexities out by feeding the system with case examples from which it learns and provides answers.

»We do not know what our risk profile is even though we are asked directly«, says Peter Bruun, department manager for investment services at Bankdata.

»It is about testing the customer in relation to facts, feelings and consequences. It is a very demanding area for the investment advisor«, states Peter Bruun.

Bankdata uses Intellix' standard knowledge automation software that entails neural networks to crunch the input that the banking advisors collect from the customers. Intellix then automates how much the customer can afford to lose and how much he or she is willing to lose. 

»For a banking advisor it means collecting knowledge assembled from all the banks’ best advisors and giving a unified second opinion to customers. We cannot get this precise efficiency in any other way«

Best-practice data

Bankdata delivers financial IT solutions and services to the following banks: Alm. Brand Bank, Djurslands Bank, Jyske Bank, Kreditbanken, Nordfyns Bank, Nordjyske Bank, Ringkjøbing Landbobank, Skjern Bank, Sparekassen Sjælland-Fyn, Sydbank og Østjydsk Bank, which together cover over 1.5 million customers.

The system will be implemented in October this year for nine of the eleven banks, while Sydbank will convert their existing solution as well to Intellix in the new year and Jyske Bank will have their existing Intellix solution hosted by Bankdata in 2018.

Example of how the Intellix system works

Intellix presents the software with a simplified case from the insurance industry; how to build a fully automated system that can delineate a client’s health status by using AI neural networks to capture an expert’s tacit knowledge. Link to the presentation here

In the Intellix system an expert provides examples of people and their specific health status based on a number of factors. The examples provided are the most obvious examples of healthy and unhealthy people and these are the ones that are easy for the expert to provide from his active knowledge, also called explicit knowledge.

»Each and every case has been validated, and peer reviewed«, Peter Bruun explains. »We deliver quality based on the data provided by the most experienced advisors«.

Finds uncertainty

When the Intellix system is trained with specific and precise cases, it is able to identify areas where the model is weak. Thereafter, Intellix would provide examples of cases in which the system is uncertain thereby activating the expert’s passive knowledge, or also called tacit knowledge, for him/her to decide what the results should be or further information is needed. This tacit knowledge acquisition capability is unique to the Intellix software, which learns and unlearns in real-time and stops when the system is capable of making correct decisions. Intellix is also able to identify which factors have an impact on the results and to what degree. Such factors that bare no impact can be deleted, unless they need to be asked based on legal compliance factors. 

The result is a machine learning system which uses sufficient data from several top banking advisors and delivers easily maintainable and documented investment advisory systems that are consistently better than the best individual banking advisor. 

The system is devised to use conservative measures in order to provide less risky decisions in case of uncertainty.

»We would not recommend an investment that is specifically risky. The system is set up to lean towards more secure outcomes when the decision is unclear«, explains Peter Bruun.

Online self-service

The Intellix system is implemented as a support system for the banking advisor to be used in person-to-person meetings during which the advisor will ask the customer for information with which to feed the system.

There are plans thereafter to implement the same Intellix system as self-service for bank customers to use within the on-line banking portal. 

»Here, there is a possibility to integrate the data we already have regarding the customer, subject to customer acceptance, of course«, says Peter Bruun. Even though the system comes with certain advice it ultimately will be the customer who makes the choice in what to invest. In such cases the system will be able to document that a customer was advised against for example a specifically risky investment.

With the utilization of Intellix software, Bankdata will ensure that banking advisors consistently use best and trustworthy practices - the best collective knowledge within the organization - when providing its customers with investment advice.

As we saw during the 2008 financial crisis, one of the worst-case scenarios upon investing is when there is a discrepancy between what the bank and the customer expects«, finishes Peter Bruun.

The article in Danish published on September 21, 2017 in can be viewed here.




Bankdata and Intellix joins forces

On January 24, 2017 an agreement was signed by Bankdata and Intellix regarding purchase of Intellix AI knowledge automation suite of products.

The solution capture and automate the expertise of Bankdata's eleven member banks securing documented best practice usage in client interactions. 

Karnov choses Intellix for powering Karnov's intelligent advisory services

Karnov is the leading institution when it comes to providing legal information in Scandinavia. Recently Karnov made a decision to focus on the online advisory market offering products based on their legal, audit and financial expertise.  To accommodate this strategy Karnov chose Intellix to deliver its award winning suit of ai decision intelligence products.

Intellix provided the technology based on Intellix’ proprietary patented artificial intelligence for capturing , modelling and expertise automation together with training for 3 days in knowledge engineering, even with this limited training Karnov’s staff was well suited to start, without the need of further consulting services, capturing all expertise in the first area of advisory services – Auditors Statements - to be offered online.

With Karnov’s Auditors Statements auditors save both time, money and minimizes the risk of making mistakes. The solution is always updated with recent legislation and international standards. A question guide makes it easy to produce the right statement, develop content and the solution minimizes the risk of making errors.

According to Karnov an auditor takes about 14 hours to make an audit statement. With the use of Karnov’s solution, built on Intellix, the auditor can produce a statement in less than 1 hour. The auditors have a legal exposure when giving such a statement and it is extremely important that they give a correct statement. With Karnov’s automated auditors statements, based on Intellix’ technology, best practice is always utilized and therefore secure elimination of mistakes. This saves time and gives extra safety in the work. 

Karnov are now positioned to develop further intelligent online advisory products themselves without any need for consultancy from Intellix. The next offering to be presented is planned to be within the area of Corporate Tax.

Intellix have implemented this type of solutions successfully for over 15 years in other industries like banking, insurance, process and healthcare, now with Karnov this emerges also into the legal and audit area and several other large institutions have expressed interest in similar solutions.


Reykjavik, January 14, 2014

Intellix' Osteoporosis Risk Calculator developed for Expeda by using Intellix award winning Intellix Designer tool for knowledge capture and automation together with Expeda's domain experts in bone health lead by Dr. Bjorn Gudbjornsson, MD, PhD reached today an important milestone by the agreement concluded with Ministry of Health in Iceland. The Osteoporosis Risk Calculator will be integrated in the Icelandic Electronic Medical Record System (EMR) named SAGA and will give 95% of Icelandic healthcare professionals access to best possible expert medical advice through the system.

For further information contact

Halldor Arnason, CEO  Intellix Iceland,


Thorsteinn Geirsson, COO  Expeda,

News coverage in Icelandic:

Beinþynning er sjúkdómur sem einkennist af því að beinmagn og beinþéttni minnkar, sem leiðir síðan til þess að beinin verða ekki eins sterk og ella. Afleiðingarnar eru aukin hætta á beinbrotum, sérstaklega hryggsúlubrotum , mjaðmarbrotum og framhandleggsbrotum. Fólk sem er með beinþynningu á háu stigi getur brotnað við venjulegar athafnir í daglegu lífi, við lítinn eða engan áverka, jafnvel við handtak eða faðmlag. Margir einstaklingar sem eru með beinþynningu vita ekki af því að þeir eru haldnir sjúkdóminum þar til þeir hafa brotnað einu sinni eða oftar og síðan farið í beinþéttnimælingu. Þetta er því dulinn eða þögull sjúkdómur.Þróaður var beinþynningarmælir með hugbúnaði frá Intellix. Þekking frá besta sérfræðingi í beinþynningu Dr. Björn Guðbjörnsson, MD, PhD var náð með hugbúnaði frá Intellix (Intellix Designer). Í dag var mikilvægum áfanga náð þegar samningar náðust á milli heilbrigðisráðuneytisins, landlæknis og Expeda að samþætta beinþynningarmælinn í Saga kerfið (EMR) og mun gefa 95% af íslensku heilbrigðisstarfsfólki aðgang að bestu mögulegu sérfæðiþekkingu lækna í gegnum kerfið.


Tohbizlink concludes Partnership Agreement with Intellix

Today Intellix and Tohbizlink (TBL), a Singapore consultancy firm focusing on telecommunications in South East Asia have concluded a partner agreement. TBL will act in ASEAN, consisiting Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam for marketing and selling Intellix award winning knowledge automation solutions in that region. TBL will also identify consultancy firms in other industries that will benefit of offering Intellix systems to their clients for costs savings and improved decision making (compliance).


Intellix powers Expeda’s Osteoporosis Risk Advisor App

Intellix joint venture Icemedix (name changed to Expeda) with professors Björn Ludvikson and Björn Gudbjörnsson at Landspitalet, Reykjavik University Hospital has developed an App for screening individuals for elevated risk for osteoporosis. The medical expert knowledge was captured with the Intellix Designer and a web service was developed by Intellix and hosted in the cloud for powering Expeda’s clinical decision support tool accessed from computers/laptops and smartphone’s via Apps. Intellix have developed both a professional- and a non-professional version for Expeda and the App being introduced today is for the non-professional market.



Intellecta concludes Partnership Agreement with Intellix

Today Intellix and Intellecta, a leading Icelandic management consulting firm with a base in Reykjavik, signed a partner agreement. The aim is that Intellix will involve Intellecta in Icelandic software projects where understanding of business processes and assistance in change management is a vital part of a project. Intellecta will also market and sell Intellix products and services in Iceland.



Intellix implements support solution SplitMediaLabs, Inc.

Intellix was chosen by SplitMediaLabs to provide a fully automated technical support solution to provide best practice advice to users of its XSplit Broadcaster solution. SplitMediaLabs has developed a unique live video streaming application used by tens of thousands of users all over the word.



IceMedix and Intellix present a Osteoporosis Health Care System

Intellix and the Icelandic corporation IceMedix started their partnership in May 2008. The Osteoporosis Auto-clinical decision making platform is the first product to come out of this partnership. According to IceMedix CEO, Dr. Björn Rúnar Lúðvíksson, it is believed that interactive artificial intelligence complex support systems will become important guiding tools for health care providers towards improved and cost-effective decision-making. “Without Intellix significant contribution and its outstanding artificial intelligence software this achievement would have been near impossible” Dr. Lúðvíksson stated.