May 15, 2008

Intellix concluded today an agreement within the health care area with the Icelandic Corporation IceMedix ehf, Reykjavik. IceMedix will develop a medical bioinformatics diagnostic tool that will utilize intuitive software to create intelligent medical checklists on a biomedical software platform that allows best practices to be captured, distributed and automated. The biomedical platform will utilize Intellix' award winning software - The Intellix Designer for capturing and automating existing knowledge and Intellix' datamining software - The Intellix Analyser for finding new knowledge in vast amount of patient data.

The joint ventures strategy and approach is driven towards creating a proprietary and unique technology in bioinformatics aimed at the core diagnostic field in autoimmune and allergic inflammatory diseases. The platform will also include a unique diagnostic platform in the diagnostic and risk assessment and management of osteoporosis. Today wide arrays of various diagnostic tests are making the backbone of the diagnosis of autoimmunity, allergy and osteoporosis. A growing body of scientific evidence supports the notion that early diagnosis of these disabling and potentially fatal diseases clearly can be prevent or delay such progression and even help physicians in their treatment strategy. With the aide of IceMedix in silico medical solution platform, highly complex decisions within the medical profession will become more reliable, less time consuming and to the point. With the enormous progress that has occured in the field of microbiology, molecular biology/immunology, genetics and high throughput analysis has created a unique business opportunity to combine thoose tools of IceMedix to possibly identify and evaluate new mechanisms, targets and risk factors associated with these diseases.