Intellix Solutions to provide services to the Travel IndustryIntellix subsidiary Intellix Solutions begins providing services to the Travel Industry. An intelligent online tool to help customers find the perfect destination and hotel will be available to major travel agencies. The system will enable personal travel counselling on the internet based on experienced travel agents expertise.

If a customer hasn’t chosen a destination in advance, searching for a vacation online can be quite exhausting. The amount of available information is overwhelming and the chosen destination is often determined by an article that is randomly seen online or in a print publication.

IntelliTravel from Intellix Solutions can increase your sales online by capturing customers’ attention and keeping them on your site. Through an intelligent online dialog with the customer a dynamically built list of destinations and hotels is created based on the expressed needs and desires of the customer. Destinations and hotels for this list are selected through a neural network trained with the experience and expertise of your own travel agents.

In order to better understand the needs and desires of the customer, IntelliTravel uncovers not only tangible needs – such as availability of a pool, a beach or bars – but also intangible needs such as environment, atmosphere and culture.

An added benefit of knowing the customers needs and desires is that e.g. hotel descriptions can be customized to highlight the qualities of that particular hotel that matches the customer’s needs. Similarly certain features of a hotel can be downplayed if they aren’t exactly what the customer is looking for.

This solution can be deployed on your website or on your intranet for you own employees to use. This will enable unskilled workers in e.g. a call-center to provide counseling and advice at the same level as your best travel agents.