Karnov is the leading institution when it comes to providing legal information in Scandinavia. Recently Karnov made a decision to focus on the online advisory market offering products based on their legal, audit and financial expertise.  To accommodate this strategy Karnov chose Intellix to deliver its award winning suit of ai decision intelligence products.

Intellix provided the technology based on Intellix’ proprietary patented artificial intelligence for capturing , modelling and expertise automation together with training for 3 days in knowledge engineering, even with this limited training Karnov’s staff was well suited to start, without the need of further consulting services, capturing all expertise in the first area of advisory services – Auditors Statements - to be offered online.

With Karnov’s Auditors Statements auditors save both time, money and minimizes the risk of making mistakes. The solution is always updated with recent legislation and international standards. A question guide makes it easy to produce the right statement, develop content and the solution minimizes the risk of making errors.

According to Karnov an auditor takes about 14 hours to make an audit statement. With the use of Karnov’s solution, built on Intellix, the auditor can produce a statement in less than 1 hour. The auditors have a legal exposure when giving such a statement and it is extremely important that they give a correct statement. With Karnov’s automated auditors statements, based on Intellix’ technology, best practice is always utilized and therefore secure elimination of mistakes. This saves time and gives extra safety in the work. 

Karnov are now positioned to develop further intelligent online advisory products themselves without any need for consultancy from Intellix. The next offering to be presented is planned to be within the area of Corporate Tax.

Intellix have implemented this type of solutions successfully for over 15 years in other industries like banking, insurance, process and healthcare, now with Karnov this emerges also into the legal and audit area and several other large institutions have expressed interest in similar solutions.